Skyler and Nick

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Our Story

It all began in the fall of 2015...Skyler had finished working out and Nick was just getting ready for his crossfit class. Little did he know, she would linger around for the next hour getting a few peeks in and getting a quick chat in before everyone left for the night. After both claimed to play hard to get, we "reluctantly" decided to hang out one weekend. A couple drinks and a stumble up the stairs (yes...UP the stairs) led to a little dancing and a good night kiss. Nick ended up being between homes and decided Skyler's apartment would be a good place to crash from time to time without being too obvious. Skyler took notice, and once Nick closed on his new house in February 2016, she made herself right at home. Nick did not object. The more they hung out, the more they realized this was something special.

Nick met Skyler's parents, Skyler met Nick's parents. They went to Cabo, Hawaii, California, Virginia and before they knew it they were planning a surprise party for the same day.

Skyler thought Nick had no idea he was getting a surprise birthday party, but he had an inside source (thanks, John!). Skyler was about to get the surprise of her life. On August 11, 2018, Nick flipped his birthday surprise around and got down on one knee with a big sparkling ring. Her facial expression was all he needed to know she would be his forever.
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